Saturday, August 13, 2011

Technical Specs for Buying a PC

Would you say that you have been waiting breathlessly for the next post to my blog?  Somehow, I am sure that you were not holding your breath.  Holding your breath does not stop the PC industry from marching forward.  Nothing will.  So the specs that I give you today for buying a new computer may just be different from the specs tomorrow.

The specs below are designed for most people and the "average" use of a computer.  This includes web browsing, E-mail, and maybe some simple games.  The specs are not for someone who needs to edit sound or video, plays elaborate games, or uses CAD.    These specs are for the budget minded person.
Processor - You want a computer with multiple processors.  The terms to look for are Duo Core, Dual Core, Multiprocessor.  There are many forms of this.  A two processor system is sufficient.  More processors are better and will cost you more.  
Memory (RAM) - Purchase a computer with at least 4GB of memory.  More is better, but don't break the bank to get a little more.
Storage (Disk) - Disk storage today is pretty inexpensive.  Any laptop computer you buy should have at least 320GB of disk storage.  Any desktop should have at least 500GB of storage.  Don't buy a computer with less storage.  75% of the computers out there will exceed these specs.  You shouldn’t pay extra for more disk, you probably won't use it.
For those of you who need "more,” contact me for more personal assistance.

Some of you have likely looked at the list above and are still concerned that you will be uncertain when time comes for purchasing the computer.  If this accurately describes you, I have good news, I can go with you to the computer store anywhere in San Diego! 

If you are one of those who feels confident enough to buy on your own, but need some help setting up the new computer or moving data, I can do that too.

Give me a call before you go to the store, it will make your life easier.

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